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Mientras no tenga nada más interesante que postear ahí os dejo el primer trabajo que hice para mi clase de inglés que me valí obtener mi primera A.

By Miguel Ángel Álvarez Vázquez
Stony Brook, September 13th, 2010. Revised: September 20th, 2010

Elaine is an exchange student from France who is studing Spanish Philology at the University of Leon. The semester is ending and her parents are visiting the city. I meet Elaine in the street, she looks busy and I ask her: “Where are you going?” She tells me that her parents are waiting for her. She is late and wants to take them and go to watch a bullfighting show. I don’t understad why she wants to do it but she says “we are foreigners and they want to know somethng typical spanish, I’ll see you this night Miguel, Bye”

In my opinion bullfighting is somethig shameful and I don’t like the image that foreigners have of Spain. We aren’t toreros eating paella all days and dancing sevillanas... But, much to my regret, I have to admit that there is a big group of people who like these shows and put pressure on keeping these activities.

In Spain there are laws to protect animals but the politicians don’t want to take part because of the risk of losing votes. It’s illegal to hit a dog or a cat, or cause malicious damage to big animals, except if it happens in an authorized show.

In the evening I go to Elaine’s house, we celebrate the farewell party of french exchange students. I’m late, as usual... music sounds and in the table there are lots of food. “Elaine! Do you like bullfighting?”. “No, I thought that in a free show with children the bull wouldn’t die, but it is horrible. First a man damages the animal with big darts, then another man wounds the bull with a lance, and when the animal is exhausted the bullfighter comes and kills it with a sword, it’s a bloody show”.

Perhaps the difference between culture and barbarism is not clear. If we want to protect animals we have to protect all animals without exception of shows which move large amounts of money. I think that a law which permits this kinds of exception is stupid, irrational and hypocritical. 

Based on real facts

Imagen de la página web de la Universidad de Stony Brook dónde se publicita el programa de estudios internacionales en España.

Lo de siempre, sed buenos y buenas, besines para ellas y abrazos para ellos.

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  1. En Francia cierra una plaza de tortura más, espero que tu testimonio sirva para que esos yankees vean la realidad y no se dejen encandilar por el "tipical spanish". De todas formas, cada vez se ve más cerca el final de la barbarie :) muxus!!

  2. joder, como demonizas los toros. Es un espectáculo, a nadie le obligan a ir a verlo, es más, no es gratis, así que el que paga sabe a que va y le gusta. Al que no le guste que no vaya. Yo nunca he pisado una plaza de toros y no me va lo de torear, pero SÍ ES TIPICAL SPANISH. En Mexico es típico las peleas de gallos y es igual de bárbaro, pero nadie dice nada, ¿por qué? Porque es típico.

  3. Joer como sois los de la derecha... yo voto por recuperar la tradición typical spanish del garrote vil...